Monday, June 30, 2008


Hey guys. I shouldn't be updating before the 1st but I need to get this off my chest because I'm feeling some unneeded pressure... Right now I am feeling HORRIBLE. I am feeling nauseous all the time, can't focus on anything and have to go the the bathroom all the time. Nice timing isn't it? I think it is a reaction to some of the sleeping medicine I have started taking, which I have stopped taking now. Anyways, if I'm doing this, I need 100% of my focus or else it could turn into a catastrophe, so I just wanted to say that if I still feel ill on the 1st, I will be postponing the start date of the project to when I feel good again and start the 31 days from there.

Thanks guys,


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Pliny Harris said...

I am struck by your willingness to help. Like you, music provides some of my own most intimate moments including hugely that of Toby Driver and his mighty men (and women). One of the most astounding things that has come to me from his music has been the power of every note and chord that seems to have unlocked to me from listenings of his (and others, but so much of his). I can't explain it but sometimes I have to sit and gape. You sir, are a true gentleman. Get well soon.