Wednesday, July 23, 2008

They Aren't All Beautiful

I'm choosing a somewhat fitting song title for this blog entry :P. People who don't play poker tend to think that we have nothing to worry about and have an easy life with the money we make at this game, as if the money was falling from the sky. How hard can it be to play cards and have the possibility to make more than a doctor if you are a successful player? They think it's easy. I can't tell you how wrong they are.

Sometimes this game can be such a mindfuck. I don't want to elaborate on this but it can get really really hard on your mental, especially if you don't have proper balance in your life to help get through it. And you need the right people around you as well. I am glad I have some people that I care about to get my mind off poker.

That said, I haven't updated my blog in a while because not much interesting has been happening. Since I've had PC problems I cannot post the graphs like I said I would unfortunately but don't worry I know exactly how much I made. I am up around $13,500 right now for the month, which is not too bad but at the same time if we consider I was up almost this much more than a week ago it's not very fun. But that's poker, and I mentioned it in the introduction post, there's nothing you can do about it except play your best. You can win a lot very fast just like you can have dry spells for a while or huge losing sessions even if you are making the right decisions.

Let's hope this last week goes well, I am craving for some new motW songs! Wish me luck guys.


Lars said...

I'm wishing you good luck =D

tranquil senescence said...

Ty :D!!

metaghost said...

Good luck, Caliban.
Hopefully Toby will give an update on how much has been donated.
I'd think they should have enough for one song by now.